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About us

Situated in a strategic geographical position, considered a communication knot to all areas of the country, FNC Agricola is located at Bacau City’s exit towards Bucharest, on the European road E 85. Being a department of the Agricola International Group, The Combined Fodder Factory has an experience of over 40 years in the production of fodder. By using only natural, raw materials, its team of specialists has created a complex range of mixed fodders, that cover all the species of animals, structured by categories of hybrids, age or weight.

Besides the factory itself, the FNC Agricola Factory Bacau includes storage spaces for both raw materials and finished products, as well as a specialized laboratory where the ingredients and the mixed fodders are analyzed, thus ensuring total control over their quality. The products manufactured here are integrated into a quality system and food safety certified by the German body TUV Proficert Plus.

The combined fodders produced contain all the nutrients required by the standard category of animals to which it is administered, thus ensuring a high degree of food conversion. The optimal levels of minerals and vitamins ensure a normal growth and development of animals as well as an increased resistance to any factors that could cause a possible disease.

The research and development team can offer at any time any detail concerning the micronutrients in each recipe and create custom recipes for each farmer depending on the hybrids, technology and growth system used as well.

Our specialists’ efforts are certified by the exceptional results obtained by the Agricola farms and by the internal and international recognition, which is enjoyed by the whole Agricola Group. Those acknowledgements are supported not only by technical but also financial data, as well as by the awards received at the gala organized annually by the most prestigious organizations in this field.

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